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Message from the President

Welcome to the Rangeland Engineering website and thank you for your interest in our organization. My professional background includes close to 16 years working for operating oil companies and 22 years in the consulting industry as a process engineer and project manager. The oil and gas sector was expanding in 2001 and I thought it would be a good time to increase my involvement in the consulting sector and became president of Rangeland Engineering.

Rangeland Engineering was incorporated in August 2001 with a staff of two people and since experienced growth of 40 to 100% per year. Rangeland currently has over 200 personnel. Our team initially consisted of people who had worked with me on earlier projects and even today most of the staff have previously worked with or come highly recommended by someone from Rangeland.

Why the name Rangeland and why is the Bison our Mascot? I wanted my Alberta-based company to reflect the "can-do", hard-working attitude of the West and what better iconic image of the Prairies than the huge, indomitable bison?

The philosophy from the start has been to provide quality engineering, procurement and construction management services to industry with experienced and qualified personnel, with a focus on innovation and client satisfaction. We foster an environment that is enjoyable to work in, plus we ensure that our personnel have top quality tools to work with.

It’s all about people and relationships. First, we develop a strong working relationship with the various client departments including management, project engineering, procurement, environmental, operations and construction. This allows us to take an integrated approach to the client and ensure input from a broad spectrum of the client’s team. We strive to maintain the same team throughout the project to provide a more consistent approach to project development and design. Second, we aim to hire individuals recognized in the industry and integrate their specific knowledge into the client’s organization.

Rangeland has highly skilled process, mechanical, civil, electrical and control departments and we encourage the client’s personnel and Rangeland to work together towards continuous improvement of the working relationship and quality of work via weekly project meetings, field meetings and project post mortems to improve project procedures, specifications and design standards. Our clients know we are always working with their best interest in mind, as we continue to deliver quality engineering project management (EPCM) projects on time and on schedule.

Strategically, Rangeland is seeking to create a Client base of first-rate companies based on consistent quality service resulting in long term relationships. In this manner, Rangeland can experience consistent growth and stability. Thus far, Rangeland has been successful with this approach, resulting in long term relationships and repeat work with approximately 15 companies, covered under Master Service Agreements. The result is an optimized and consistent design for the Client and a steady workload for Rangeland.

I hope that this website gives you a good idea of what Rangeland is all about. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We truly value your feedback, because after all, it’s all about people and relationships.

Ron Daye, P. Eng.
President & Chief Executive Officer

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